Volunteer opportunities abroad

Volunteer work

Make a difference around you while increasing your self-confidence, making new friends and putting your language skills to work! EF offers many volunteer opportunities arount the world - take a look at a few opportunities listed below or click here for a full presentation of our Volunteer Programs Abroad.

Volunteer opportunities in Ecuador

EF Quito offers a wide range of programs in different field s of work to help student complete the volunteer program. The field of work inside the city can be work on Environmental and cultural projects, projects for adults, and projects for children:

  • Casa de las tres Manuelas
  • Hogar de Ancianos Corazón de María
  • Botanical Garden
  • Museum Abya Yala
  • Nurseries Panchitos & El Trigal
  • Fundación Integrar

Also students can choose to volunteer outside the city in one of this breath taking landscapes of Ecuador:

  • Otavalo (Highlands)
  • Tena (Jungle)
  • Puerto Quito (Cloud forest)

Volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica

Volunteer in Costa Rica and donate your time to develop recycling efforts, teach underprivileged children & teens, help animals in extinction or teach Seniors to do crafts:
  • CEPIA (Culture, Education and Psychology for Infants and Adolescents)
  • Monkey Park
  • Villarreal High School
  • Centro Diurno

Volunteer opportunities in Paris

In Paris we partner with the following organizations to provide opportunities to EF students:
  • Espace Bénévolat
  • Croix Rouge
  • Resto du Cœur
  • Armée du Salut
  • The American Church of Paris
  • Secours Populaire

Volunteer opportunities in Barcelona

While studying Spanish in Barcelona you can also participate in volunteer work with the following organizations:
  • Cruz Roja Española (Red Cross)
  • Comtal Foundation
  • Federación Catalana de Voluntariado Social

Volunteer opportunities in Beijing

Our volunteer opportunities on Beijing include:
  • Hospital in Tianjin
  • Yude High School
  • Orphanage home in Shunyi
  • Yongantang medical company
  • Tutoring students

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