Study and work abroad for up to a year!

In an increasingly competitive and global workplace, mastering a foreign language and gaining professional and academic experience abroad can set you apart from other candidates. Thanks to the Work-Holiday Visa and EF immersion programs abroad, you can now study and work in many foreign countries for as long as one year!

Complete immersion is the best way to learn a language. As the leader in international education, EF Education First offers language immersion programs abroad for students aged 16 and over of all language abilities.

Contact our EF Admissions team today at 1-800-387-1463 for more information about our language immersion programs abroad and ways you can also work in a foreign country.

Get a work-Holiday visa with EF 

Find your ideal course
EF's flexible courses allow you to choose the length of your course, from 2 weeks to a full year, and the intensity level of your studies. We accept every language level and will help you your newly acquired language skills in the workplace.

How to obtain a visa
The Work-Holiday Visa is valid for a full year and is open to anyone aged 18 to 30 (age can vary depending on the country of travel. For example the age limit for visas to France, Italy, Germany and Spain is 35 years old). You can only be granted this visa once and there is a limited quota of visas delivered every year. We recommend that you contact your local embassy or consulate to inquire about visa quotas and availability for the current year.

We recommend that you check the Canadian Government website before you apply for the visa. Here are a few destinations available to Canadians through the Work-Holiday program: France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Pre-departure documents
While studying abroad you will work on your language skills, travel to nearby destinations, work and before you know it your year will have gone by! To get the most out of your time abroad, EF can help you plan all your trip details so you have plenty of time to discover your host country. You will receive a full information package about your destination before you leave - so you know what to expect when you get there!

EF will help you find accommodation
You are probably wondering how to find accommodation in a foreign country. Not to worry - our EF Team will help you find the perfect home away from home!

Job-hunting advice and guidance
Working abroad will help you broaden your horizons, soak in a new culture, make friends from all around the gloce and, of course, improve your language skills. EF will help you find the perfect job to achieve your goals and optimize your language skills.

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Work-Holiday Visa - Q&A

I want to get more information about jobs and accommodation options abroad
EF will guide you throughout this process - from writing a tailored resume to preparing for your interviews, as well as finding a place to live.  We can help you find a host family, a flat share or a student residence - the choice is yours!

How can I get more information?
It's easy! Request a free EF brochure and let EF help you get your stay abroad started!

For more information about Work-Holiday visas for Canadians, please visit the Canadian Government website at