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Italian Course in Italy

Study Italian in Italy and experience one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world while learning one of the most beautiful languages. Travelers dream of visiting the ruins of ancient Rome, the canals of Venice and the fashionable boutiques of Milan. But Italy is not only about tourism. Italian cuisine is one of the healthiest and most delicious in the world, with constantly changing seasonal ingredients prepared in a classic Mediterranean style. And the Italian cinema and fashion industries are both lively and creative. Study abroad in Italy where you can complement your course with special interest classes such as Roman Architecture, Business Italian or Italian cooking.

EF offers Italian courses in Rome, the Eternal City - a living open-air museum of Ancient Rome and a vital center of modern Italian life. Study Italian in the heart of Rome at our new EF school and soak up the history of this great city. After class, practice your new Italian skills with the locals in the many restaurants and cafes, or in the comfort of your home with a welcoming Italian family.

Accommodation in Italy

Our study abroad programs in Italy allow you to learn about the local culture through the ultimate insider experience. While living in a homestay, you’ll have the chance to practice your Italian in a relaxed family setting. A double room is usually included in the package price of the course. If you are looking for a more independent living option, make sure to inquire about possible seasonal residence options.


The price of your Italian course in Italy depends on the duration, course type, and the lodging you choose. For example, you can take a General Italian course in Rome for 2 weeks or an Intensive Italian course for the same period. All EF Italian courses include lodging and a meal plan, as well as lessons.

For more information about the study abroad Italy options available, visit the prices page.