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Chinese Course in China

Study Chinese in the Middle Kingdom, an ancient land with an inspiring modern society. Whether you look at China’s 1.3 billion people, its booming economy, its vast manufacturing sector or its vast territory, China is a country of amazing opportunity. Many believe China is becoming the world’s third superpower, with the USA and the European Union. But China is a country of stark contrasts, from the wealthy booming costal areas to the agricultural center and the barren high plateaus and plains. A Study abroad program in China will give you the chance to experience China’s rebirth first hand and come to understand this new world power.

Visit imperial sites like the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace while taking a Chinese course in Beijing. Beijing remains for many the intellectual and cultural heart of China, as well as being its political center. Or travel to the southern economic powerhouse during a Chinese course in Shanghai. You’ll see the shady historic foreign allotments contrasted against skyscrapers going up practically overnight in one of the fastest growing cities in the world. If you want to learn for the future, while experiencing ever-present history - China is the place for you!

Accommodation in China

Our Chinese courses in China include two choices of lodging, either a Chinese homestay or a student residence. Most EF Homestay families in China offer a single room and plenty of opportunities to practice your budding new language skills. The single room in an EF Homestay is included in the course fee. If you are looking for independence and an international atmosphere, you may want to consider a student apartment, which are available upon request.


The price of your Chinese course in China depends on the duration, course type, and the lodging you choose. For example, you can take a General Chinese course in Beijing for 2 weeks or an Intensive Chinese course in Shanghai for the same period. All EF Chinese courses include lodging and a meal plan, as well as lessons.

For more information about the study abroad China options available, visit the prices page.