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EF Travel services

To make your travels as smooth as possible, EF High School Year offers the following additional travel services. We can provide tailor-made service to meet every student's needs.

Travel and Medical Insurance

Since safety is our number one priority, it is mandatory for all EF exchange students to have quality insurance coverage that fulfulls the official requirements of our destination countries. With 45 years of experience with educational travel and student exchange programs, EF is exceptionally knowledgeable about the type of insurance coverage our exchange students need. EF has partenered with Erika Travel Insurance to develop a comprehansive insurance package that includes the following types of coverage and features:

  • Unlimited medical coverage
  • Baggage and property coverage (theft, destruction, etc.)
  • Third party liability and legal costs
  • Money back if your exchange year is interrupted due to a serious illness
  • Family member travel and lodging costs in case of a serious emergency
  • Baggage and travel delays
  • Low deductibles
  • 24-hour worldwide assistance

EF staff are trained to help our students with matters related to Erika insurance. This means students can easily receive help and advice in their host country.

Sports Supplement

Like most insurance policies, Erika Travel Insurance excludes certain risky sports and activities. It also excludes training or competition for sports clubs outside your high school. If you wish to join sports clubs outside of school, or if you plan to participate in risky sports activities, make sure you add the special sports supplement to your insurance policy. Then, you will be fully covered for any type of sport activity without having to worry about your insurance coverage.

EF Phone and SIM Cards

With the EF phone card, you can make phone calls from any phone in the world and receive competitive rates. With the EF SIM card, you can make phone calls with your cell phone from abroad. You can easily manage your phone cards online, re-charge them with more credit, view current rates and receive a free e-mail account and voicemail service.

EF Language and Culture Camp

EF Language and Culture Camp is an orientation program designed to prepare you for your upcoming exchange year. Meet other exchange students, learn more about the culture of your host country and practice the language. Available in all host countries. 

EF Discovery Tours

Explore more of your host country by participating in an EF Discovery Tour during your exchange year.

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