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Interested in going on an exchange abroad? Pre-apply to our program and you and your parents will be invited to an interview where we will tell you more about the program and how to get accepted. Our places fill up quickly so get started today.
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This is how you apply

Applying to the program is easy. Your initial application is not binding; it allows you to learn more about an EF exchange year and determine if it is the right program for you.

Apply online today!

You can apply online on this website, or you can send us the application form found in the back of your brochure. Throughout the application process, you will have access to an experienced support team at your local EF office in Toronto, Ontario.

When do I have to apply?

You can apply between 18 to 5 months prior to departure. Please note that we only accept a limited number of students to each host country every year. Many of our destinations are fully booked prior to our application dealine, we therefore recommend interested students to apply as early as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us even if you are late. Somestimes we get late cancellations and we might then be able to accept late applications from our waiting lists.

Welcome to an interview

After sending us the initial application, we will invite you and your parents to a non-binding interview where we will tell you more about the program and discuss why you want to study abroad. The interview is a great opportunity for you to introduce yourself and tell us why you wish you participate in the program. Please note there is a $75 interview that applies.

Acceptance to the program

After you have completed your personal interview, our staff will evaluate your application and make a decision about your acceptance to the program. If your application shows that you meet the requirements for the exchange program, you will receive an acceptance package as a confirmation that you are enrolled in the program. 

Completing your application package

After being accepted to the program, you will submit additional application forms that help EF match you with a suitable host family. You will be able to access and fill out these forms online at your personal My High School Year website. You will receive login details for this website from your local EF office.

Your complete application will consist of the following forms, which you should submit to EF within 3 weeks after acceptance to the program:

  • Your personal application - information about yourself and why you want to study abroad
  • A short essay conducted during your interview
  • Academic Transcript - information about your grades - this is signed and stamped by your current school
  • Letter of Recommendation that one of your teachers must fill out and sign
  • Rules and Regulations that you and your parents must sign
  • Photos - share pictures of yourself, and your life at home, with us and your potential host family
  • Certificate of Health that your doctor must fill out when you do your medical examination

Once we have your complete application we will begin the process of finding you a great host family and school in your chosen host country.

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