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A High School Year in America is a rewarding experience you will remember for the rest of your life. You will learn English, make new friends and discover America’s energetic culture and friendly people.

Getting to know the Americans

Cowboys, cheerleaders, lifeguards: On a student exchange in USA you can see these people in reality. Most important, you will meet teachers, host family friends and other high school students. Americans are open and outgoing. Don’t be surprised if they are curious about you and ask many questions about your own country.

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Studying abroad will make you unique

Your most rewarding experiences will be living with your host family, making friends at school and developing as a person. Students are placed throughout the country, so during your exchange year you might: 

  • Cheer on the Red Sox in Massachusetts
  • Sail on the lakes of Minnesota
  • Watch the latest movie with your host siblings in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Attend a barbeque with your host family in Alabama
  • Hike through rain forests in Oregon

Other experiences will be less tangible, like when you start thinking and dreaming in English.

Live like an American student

A yellow school bus might take you to school in the mornings. There, you will socialize with friends, attend classes and participate in after-school activities. Many nights you will eat dinner with your host family and do homework. In your spare time, you might relax by reading, playing music or chilling out with your host siblings.

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