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Exchange in England, Scotland and Wales

Great Britain is a culturally vibrant nation filled with lively cities, cool music, fashion and football. On an exchange year in England, Scotland or Wales you will experience one of the most exciting years of your life.

Why studying in Great Britain?

When you study on an exchange year in England, Scotland or Wales you will learn “proper” British English and hear how real people talk. Wherever you are – shopping on London’s fashionable Bond Street, cheering for, or against, Manchester United at a football match – you will hear a rich collection accents and dialects. On a student exchange in England, Scotland or Wales, you will gain expertise in speaking real English in real life.

British people are friendly, funny and diverse

British people are known to be hospitable, polite and funny. They love a good laugh and become devoted friends. British people come from Wales, Scotland and England, but also from places like India, China and Africa. The British have a long history of welcoming international students into their communities.

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Studying and living in England, Wales or Scotland

Whether you study in England, Wales or Scotland, your most rewarding experiences will be living with your host family, making friends at school and becoming more independent and confident. While in Great Britain you might:

  • Shop for vintage clothes at Manchester’s Affleck’s Palace fashion market
  • Check out hot new bands in Liverpool, the “City of Pop”
  • Watch rugby players pound each other at Edinburgh’s rugby festival
  • Visit vibrant university campuses in Oxford and Cambridge
  • Hike up Mount Snowdon in Wales 

Follow your passions

An exchange year in England, Wales or Scotland is an opportunity to follow your passions and develop new interests. What are you passionate about?

  • Fashion: Visit the busiest shopping street in Europe: London’s Oxford Street.
  • Sports: Cheer for your local football team, whether it’s Arsenal, Chelsea or Manchester City.
  • Music: Don’t miss Great Britain’s famous music festivals, clubs and bands
  • Outdoor adventure: Scotland has skiing, hiking, kayaking and more.
  • Art: Check out small avant-garde galleries or the Tate Modern in London

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