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Exchange in Costa Rica

During your student exchange in Costa Rica you will study in a country surrounded by warm and friendly people. Whether you are watching rare animals or enjoying local music, you will soon fall in love with this place.

Biodiversity packed into a small space

Costa Rica is a biologically diverse country. This small nation is home to more bird species than the entire USA. People flock from around the world to trek through Costa Rica’s rainforests, explore its tropical coast and see the wide variety of animals that live there. Studying in such a beautiful location will be a unique experience. 

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Warm and friendly “Ticos”

Costa Ricans, called “Ticos,” are warm, friendly and welcoming. They are known for their hospitality and respect toward others in addition to their love of customs and celebrations. They enjoy the highest standard of living in Central America and have the highest literacy rate and longest lifespan in the region.

An adventurous year in Costa Rica

In addition to attending school, meeting new friends and immersing yourself in “Tico” culture, you will have the opportunity to experience the adventurous spirit of life in Costa Rica. You might: 

  • Go monkey watching
  • Windsurf in the Pacific Ocean
  • Try canopying, which is when you soar above the rainforest Canopy on harnesses and ropes
  • Visit ancient archaeological sites
  • Explore caves, volcanoes and wildlife

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