Exchange year in Argentina

Discover South America with a European flair - choose Argentina. The largest Spanish speaking country in the world offers varied landscapes, interesting people and the South American joy for life perfect for those looking for a challenging and exciting exchange experience.

Diverse Argentina

Argentina is more than five times the size of Spain. In this extensive land it is possible to visit the desert in Cuyo, glaciers in Patagonia, waterfalls in Litoral or the metropolis of Buenos Aires. The weather in Argentina is as diverse as the terrain. The country stretches from the warm tropical edge of Brazil almost reaching down to the frozen tip of Antarctica; the range in temperature during any season is vast.

Enjoy the summer while your friends freeze through the winter. As Argentina is in the southern hemisphere seasons are the opposite of the northern hemisphere; winter is from May to July while summer from November to January.

EF will offer Argentina as a high school destination from August 2013. If you are interested in studying in a Spanish speaking host country next year we recommend you to apply for a high school year in Costa Rica.