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What is an Exchange Year

Are you ready for the adventure of a student exchange? During an EF High School Year you will get the opportunity to challenge yourself, meet new people, learn a foreign language and grow as a person.

What is an EF High School Year exchange?

EF High School Year is an exchange program for students between 14 and 18 years old. This study abroad program lasts for an academic year or a semester. The exchange student lives with a carefully selected host family and attend a public high school abroad. 

The most exciting year of your life

On an EF exchange year, you will study side-by-side with local students, participate in the daily life of your host family and make new friends. The program will broaden your horizons and provide advantages and skills that will benefit your future studies and career. You will become fluent in another language, experience new things and have the time of your life!

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Why go on exchange year abroad?

If you are open-minded, flexible and curious about the world, this is the right program for you. During an exchange year abroad you will:

  • Gain “insider” knowledge about a foreign country and culture
  • Lear a foreign language fluently (after a few months you will probably dream in your new language!)
  • Become part of a “second family” abroad
  • Meet new friends from your host country and all over the world
  • Explore a different school system
  • Gain experiences and skills that will benefit your future studies and career
  • Challenge yourself and grow as a person

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