About the program

Guidance and Support

School officials, EF representatives and your host family can help you decide which classes to take. They can also advise you when choosing clubs and after-school activities. Officials at each school determine which classes and activities that are offered for exchange students, and they can help make your exchange year is as rewarding as possible.
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Before you go

Applying to the exchange program is easy. First, apply online using this website or by filling out the form at the back of your brochure. Then, start preparing for the most exciting year of your life.

Send us your application

Fill out the non-binding pre-application form and send it to us. The form can also be found at the back of the EF High School Year brochure. We recommend that you apply 12 to 5 months in advance.

The interview

Once you have applied to the program we will invite you and your parents to an interview. You will get the chance to tell us more about yourself and why you want to study abroad. If you apply to a destination where a language test is mandatory, you will take the test during this interview (only for markets where the SLEP test is mandatory).

Start your non-binding application

Interested in going on an exchange abroad? Pre-apply to our program and you and your parents will be invited to an interview where we will tell you more about the program and how to get accepted. Our places fill up quickly so get started today.
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Personal application for your exchange year abroad

You will fill out a separate “personal application” to tell us about yourself and your interests. To make this process easy, you will be able to access and fill out most of your application forms online at your personal website My High School Year.

Prepare for the most exciting year of your life.

Being well prepared is a crucial step toward having a successful exchange year. EF has an extensive preparation program that involves you and your parents. You will receive monthly mailings, preparation material and handbooks through regular mail and through your personal My High School Year website. All EF students attend a mandatory orientation meeting in their home country prior to departure.

Information about your host family and high school

Once you have enrolled in the program and filled out your application forms, we begin matching you with a carefully screened and compatible host family. The majority of our students receive information about their host family between 10 to 3 weeks before departure.

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