Efekta System Efekta System  - EF makes learning faster and more personalized

Efekta System

EF makes learning faster and more personalized

EF makes learning faster and more personalized

EF’s EfektaTM System delivers results
EF’s proprietary language training system, EfektaTM, makes learning more effective and more personalized by seam-lessly integrating precision testing, expert teachers, innova-tive language lab technology and comprehensive reporting to ensure maximum results. Developed at a cost of over 55 million USD by EF’s Academic Research Team, EF’s Efek-taTM System delivers superior results through better teach-ing and better technology.

Customized teaching maximizes learning
At the heart of EF’s EfektaTM System are our exceptional teachers. All of our teachers are native-speaking instructors who possess both industrial and functional understanding of your job-specific training needs. Your EF teachers work closely with you to achieve your learning goals and ensure that your language learning focuses on the gaps you have identified. Lessons are kept relevant to your profession and language needs.

Tailor-made curriculum
EF’s EfektaTM System allows you to customize your course to achieve your goals. Whether you need to learn grammar, pronunciation or the vocabulary specific to your industry. In class, you’ll practice professional situations such as making appointments, going over work-related reports or presenta-tions or broadening your voca¬bulary with industry-specific terms. EF can adjust the format and curriculum to suit your needs whether that’s private one-to-one tuition or small group lessons.

iLab technology accelerates your learning
EF Institutes are equipped with innovative language labs, EF’s iLab. With over 1,500 hours of interactive multimedia tutorials, as well as specialized online tools to help with accent reduction, grammar development, vocabulary memorization and writing skills, EF’s iLab makes training more efficient by enabling you to make individual improvement beyond the classroom.

Reports measure your progress
Rigorous needs-analysis and state-of-the-art progress tracking helps us determine your training needs in relation to your job and to your goals. At the end of your course, you will take home an official Progress Report, a detailed Academic Record, and an EFCELT Report.

EFCELT: The EF Cambridge English Level Test
EF has teamed up with the University of Cambridge ESOL to bring you the EF Cambridge English Level Test (EFCELT), a groundbreaking test of English proficiency exclusive to EF clients and aligned with international stan-dards.