GroupGroup - The most cost-effective solution.


The most cost-effective solution.


Accelerate your spoken English in seminar setting
Our Group course is the most cost-¬effective option for business professionals who need to focus mainly on the spoken language. Teacher-led and fully interactive seminars in a small group setting allow you to learn alongside other professionals from all over the world. Lessons devoted to the more traditional skills of grammar and vocabulary, reading and writing, take place in iLab, our online language laboratory, during trainer-assigned lessons at the media center. We group you with other participants of similar ability and limit the number of participants in each group (5 on average) to ensure maximum interaction.

Conversation-based lessons 25 lessons/week
The goal of the Group course is to build your conversational confidence by improving fluency, pronunciation and intonation in relevant professional and social situations. The atmosphere during the course is international and interactive. With participants from nearly 50 countries, cross-cultural awareness becomes a natural ingredient in the course. You can expect a natural exchange of information, experiences and business contacts. Lessons normally begin at nine in the morning and finish about two in the afternoon, allowing you to use most of the afternoon for independent study, sightseeing or a range of social activities - where you can put the skills you have learned at the Institute to practical use. This is immersion learning at its best!

Independent lessons in iLab 5 lessons/week
In our Group course, you will do independent lessons online in our EF iLab. Here you can work on pronunciation or accent reduction with our advanced speech recognition technology. Independent study lessons allow you to brush up on problem areas of grammar, learn industry-specific vocabulary, or practise speaking with video simulations. Take a progress test to measure your learning.

Intensify your Group course
If you’d like to intensive your rate of progress, consider adding private one-to-one lessons to your course program. Contact us for details.