Executive one-to-oneExecutive one-to-one - One trainer dedicated exclusively to you.

Executive one-to-one

One trainer dedicated exclusively to you.

Executive one-to-one

As good as it gets! One trainer dedicated exclusively to you. This highly intensive course focuses entirely on all your language needs.

Maximum individual attention
This highly intensive course provides you with your own personal language trainer whose sole mission is to help you reach your learning goals. That means you always progress at your own pace. Your trainer also has the ability to react with total flexibility to your individual learning needs. If you are a beginner, an Executive course can provide you with all the necessary building blocks to begin communicating immediately. If you have more advanced language skills, you can use the Executive course to prepare for important sales conferences, scientific presentations, international marketing campaigns or any other professional or social situation requiring the mastery of specialized language skills.

One-to-one instruction means results 40 lessons/week
Your trainer will make full use of the latest in learning tech-nology to vary your daily lesson plan. This ensures you are progressing simultaneously in all the key areas of language acquisition. For speaking practice, you may role-play a marketing presentation with your trainer. To improve read-ing comprehension, you may analyze an article from the daily newspaper. For listening skills, you may watch an in-dustry-specific video in our multimedia center. To address grammatical issues, your trainer may have you complete exercises from EF’s own course book series. Throughout your course, you will have plenty of opportunity to practice the skills you are acquiring with other Institute clients at coffee breaks in the lounge, over lunch in town, or during organized outings and evening activities.

Adapted to your needs
The Executive course allows for total flexibility. If you’d like more interaction with other learners, your trainer can arrange for weekly semi-private lessons or small group seminars upon request. You can also devote some of your weekly lessons to online pronunciation sessions and writing tutorials in our EF iLab.
Maximize your time
Additionally, you can combine a week of our Executive course with a week or more of a Premium or Group course. This is a particularly popular option with beginners who wish to get the most out of their time abroad