Partnering with world leading organizations

EF Partnerships and Sponsorships

In our mission to “break down barriers in language, geography, and culture,” EF has joined hands with a few like-minded organizations that we work with on a global scale. Our partnerships include:

University of Cambridge

EF and the University of Cambridge are collaborating to fundamentally improve the way students learn. Together, we promote innovation in language learning and assessment with a series of initiatives, including: the establishment of an EF Research Unit at Cambridge University’s Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics; the introduction of the EFCELT, an English test developed together with Cambridge ESOL for all EF students, and the enhancement of EF teachers’ credentials with Cambridge certifications.

The Olympics

EF has been chosen as the Official Supplier of Language Programs of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in the City of Sochi. EF is training 70,000 athletes, volunteers, judges, organizers in the run-up to Russia’s first Winter Olympics. Sochi 2014 Ambassador and gold-medalist para-Olympic swimmer, Olesya Vladikina, becomes the first Russian student to start EF’s customized Olympic English training.

EF has a long history with the Olympics. We were the Official Language Training Supplier to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, training thousands of Chinese professionals, competition organizers, translators, and interpreters to help them greet the world. We also served as the Official Language School during the 1988 Seoul Olympics, helping volunteers learn English, French, and German.

Football World Cup

EF is helping to prepare Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. In the run-up to of one of the world’s most anticipated soccer tournaments, EF is working with Brazil’s Ministry of Tourism to help prepare thousands of hospitality and tourism professionals to speak English and Spanish. EF has been selected to help train 80,000 Brazilians a year through Ola Tourista.

Whitbread Round the World Sailing Race

In 1998, EF sponsored two boats in the Whitbread Round the World Sailing Race, including the winning boat “EF Language” (skippered by Paul Cayard) as well as the first all-female boat. Now known as the Volvo Ocean Race, this sporting challenge has been named “The Everest of Sailing.” For eight months, focused crews sail 37,000 nautical miles across some of the world’s most treacherous oceans. Winning this fierce competition was a clear illustration of one of EF’s core values that “nothing is impossible.”

EF and the University of Cambridge have entered into a groundbreaking collaboration to improve the way students learn

EF was the Official Language Training Supplier to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

EF is the Official Language Training Supplier to the Brazil 2014 World Cup

Whitbread Race

The winning boat “EF Language” in the Whitbread Round the World Sailing Race, 1998

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