Fifty Years of Firsts in Education

Research and Innovation

EF has always been more than just teachers, books, and a classroom. When Bertil Hult founded EF nearly 50 years ago, he was seeking a better, more direct way to learn. It’s this revolutionary spirit- to improve the way people learn- that drives us forward, that pushes us to embrace new technology and to explore better teaching methods. Our state-of-the-art schools, terrific teachers, proprietary curriculum, and the ultimate measure of success- the learning progress of our students- are the results of our efforts. We believe the key to EF’s future, and the future of education, lies in research and innovation.

Fifty Years of Firsts

EF’s academic research is filled with firsts. We were the first company to publish our own series of customized textbooks. The first to introduce computers into our schools. The first to launch multimedia language training in collaboration with Apple Computer. The first to offer 24-hour online access to teachers. The first to give travelers a way to communicate in real-time via EF Tour Link. EF’s has gathered the best minds from the fields of education, linguistics, and cognitive science to help set a new standard in language learning. Our research centers in Shanghai, Zurich, and at Cambridge University in the U.K., share a common goal of building the world’s most advanced language learning system, and our dedicated teams of linguists, computer scientists, teachers, writers, and designers, are paving the way.

EF’s Efekta™ System - The Most Advanced Language System

EF’s Efekta™ System, the most advanced language training system in the world, is a direct outcome of our research and innovation initiatives. Combining the very best in teaching and technology, Efekta™ is the first system to fully integrate face-to-face classroom teaching with the latest in interactive technology. Whether in class, online, or in one of EF’s innovative language lab, students are given the freedom and flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere- accelerating language acquisition by up to 55%.

Next Steps

Our mission remains more compelling than ever. EF’s research teams are already at work on the next generation of technology, looking at the potential for mobile applications, social learning, and augmented reality. We are continually identifying and pioneering new ways to improve language acquisition and gain cultural knowledge in our quest for excellence in education.

Our state-of-the-art language labs support classroom teaching and make learning more efficient.

EF is continually working to find new and innovative ways to improve the way people learn.

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